Well Hello Again!

Well golly. 
I'm back!

If you follow my facebook page, you will know that in July 2023 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So as you can probably imagine, my focus has been on getting though treatments and trying to work etc.

I had to cancel all gigs and the plan for my EP release last year which sucked, but cancer has a way of taking pole position. 

What was weird is that I honestly haven't been in the mood or mindset to physically do any music…
But here I am now- 1st of Feb 2024, having done 5 months of chemo, had a big surgery (double mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction) and am now on oral chemo pills till May (but very few side effects so far). 
I'm feeling great! And low and behold- the first thing I want to do is play music and get cracking!

I have an album and a half worth of music that I've written and produced that is just waiting on me to mix and send off for mastering. I've been holding off on this as under chemo, my hearing was altered a bit….

So- In the next few months I'll be releasing an EP and then hopefully by the middle to end of the year- my album #2. Very excited with the direction that the new songs are heading. 

What about the band?!

My poor bandmates Jordan and Momo thankfully had other projects that they were involved in, so didn't feel too abandoned by me. Jordan's band, "The Dead Zephyrs' actually won the NZ battle of the bands, so have some exciting things happening this year with that (recording etc). He's also in another band that does ‘Tool’. So he's not going to be in the line up of the ‘Colette Rivers Band', but knowing Jordan, I'm sure he'll come back for a few guest appearances!

Momo is chewing at the bit to get rehearsing again and spread that joy we always seem to find when playing together. 

Adding to that is Phil on bass and vocals. By a stroke of luck, Phil has landed right in my lap (metaphorically of course!) as he has just started working with me (teachers). He has quite an awesome musical history, having worked for several years as a session bassist for Abbey Road Studios and has played Glastonbury Festival - not that I'm jealous- much!!!

And Rory on 2nd guitar. Rory lives round the corner with Momo and I didn't realise what a good guitarist he was, right under our noses! 

So 2024 is set to be an awesome year- and man, do we appreciate how much joy we get out of coming together and playing music. 

After the dry spell- we are going to pour!