Human Contact- and Jams

Well, we're finally allowed to extend our lockdown bubbles to small groups, so I immediately drove to my friend, Sarah's for a jam. 

Say often plays my live gigs with me, so getting together and playing a bit felt reassuringly…


Radio in Minnesota!

Hey people!

Just to let you know, I will be on markskin radio (Minneapolis, Minnesota) tonight (Tuesday 19th May from 10-midnight Central Time US) or in NZ- Wed 3-5pm. 
You can live stream from the link below. Should be fun! 


Underneath the Song


Hi there. 

I've had a few questions over the years about what some of my lyrics and songs are about. 

I'd rather you get what the story is than just say "I want my listeners to find their own interpretation"…


Hi Friends, 

I hope you're all staying well and managing to NOT go stir-crazy during this time. 

This is to let you know the exciting news that I have decided to give away my EP Wandering Thoughts FOR FREE! 


Rivers on Hutt City Radio

Hi Friends!

Hope you're all keeping well during the lockdown. While here in NZ we are doing pretty well, I sure do feel for those of you in countries who are still suffering a lot.

Anyway, If you…

Online Insta-gig- The Corona Crooners

Well- This is my first online Insta-Gig. It was weird and fun. 

A few teething problems getting the show going, but a cool little collection of artists- what was really neat was how different everyone was, but similar in being…

Gigs dropping like flies!



Well, I'm afraid that even though some of the venues I've got gigs booked with are fairly small, the side of caution is being erred in response to the Coronavirus. Today, I have had another 2 gigs (including the one…

Looking for a double bassist

Well, as a decisive move to expand my band line up, I'm looking for a double bassist. Obviously, having your own gear and transport is essential! Send me an email.

Balter Bar Gig

Well, this was a fun gig! We (myself and lovely band-mate, Say)  played for 3 hours at Balter Bar in Carterton.

It was really cool to play a range of songs and see some familiar faces of people who'd heard…

Killed the Radio Star

There's something really cool and old-school about getting onto the radio- especially having a segment done on you/your music. I know that there isn't the listenership that there once was, but it's still a bit of a thrill!


On Wednesday…