Colette Rivers at Wellyfest

Well, well, Wellyfest, AKA Wellington Folk Festival. 

I played 2 slots on the Sunday 27/10/19. What a cool place to play! 

I've never played at this festival, but it was such a warm and positive place, I think I'll do…

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Feline Rub is now Colette Rivers

Hi friends,

Well if you hadn't already gathered, I've changed my 'stage name' from Feline Rub to Colette Rivers. 

It works better for the style of music that I do.


Thanks for all your continued support!


New Band-mate joins Colette for live set up.

I am so excited that my old band-mate and long-time buddie, Sarah (Say) August is joining me onstage now.

Not only is she is a stellar multi-instrumentalist, her harmonies are adding this much needed element to the live gigs. 


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Vote for Colette River's new single!!!

Colette Rivers is now looking to her fans/followers/friends to choose her next single! 

Add your email to the mailing list and you will be sent an exclusive sneak peek link to listen to and vote on 2 unreleased songs!


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New Single- Out of the Cage

Exciting news!!!!

I have released my 3rd single- Out of the Cage and am so pleased with how it's sounding.  

It's got a lot more of a raw folky feeling to it, but then again, I really wanted to add…

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Longbush Festival Gig

Well it was an absolutely beautiful day out at the Longbush Festival last night. 

I was joined onstage by Ila Scott on keys who sang her heart out on BVs.

This gig I experimented with my looper…

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Mastering Round 2

I am so pleased with my latest tracks that have been mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios.  

In addition to Quiet Places, I have released Fickle Soul which I am loving a lot. I'm so pleased with how…

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Gigs at the Harlequin and other news....

Well after 3 nights of sold out gigs at the Harlequin theatre, the ball feels like it is rolling to get ready for some summer touring. 

I have recruited the talents of another local musician, Ila Scott to join me…

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Mastering Round One

Went out to Mirimar, Wellington to sit down with the expert ears of Mike Gibson at Munki Studios. I had no idea that it was at Peter Jackson's Post-Production HQ.

Anyway, 'Quiet Places' was pretty good and didn't need any…

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