Mastering Round One

Went out to Mirimar, Wellington to sit down with the expert ears of Mike Gibson at Munki Studios. I had no idea that it was at Peter Jackson's Post-Production HQ.

Anyway, 'Quiet Places' was pretty good and didn't need any tweaks done by me. It's sounding just how I want it, so very pleased there.

The second track, 'Fickle Soul' has more acoustic elements and now having heard it on different speakers, I want to do a couple more EQ and panning tweaks to expand the sounds a bit more. 
Worked on it in my studio yesterday, and it's pretty much there. 

The album list has 8 brand new songs, and I have 50+ songs which I've written/produced and have never been released to choose the rest from. 

Exciting stuff!

All for now.
Colette Rivers



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