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© Ⓟ 2019 Colette Rivers
All rights reserved.
Written, produced and performed by Colette Rivers.


Hanging out on my lonesome
It’s a common department
Feeling all of your oceans
Falling down
& I’m falling too

I am criss-crossed across you
A silent arachnid
& I lost all my conscience
Somewhere back there
& I’m into you

Kamikaze girlfriend
Skipping through the deep-end
Colours of the soul
Bloody-crazy trips the mind
Stupify my demons till their smiling too.

Wearing swollen red eye-lids
Watching walls falling down
& my life just slipped sideways
Run aground
& I’m lost in blue

Folded up like a leaf
On a cold winter’s morning
In the still wet pools
Of my mind
& I’ve fallen through