1. Bury Me
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© Ⓟ 2021 Colette Rivers
All rights reserved.
Written, produced and performed by Colette Rivers.


In a corner at the end of the world
Looking out across the view
Face is warm I got the sun in my eyes
With a hand on my coffee and the other on you- ooh

Bury me alone beside the long, tall grass
Where the wind can forever sing
I never wanted more than I could grasp
Beyond the mountains or the streams
There’s a voice that whispers
like the water’s endless kisses
Always circling the sun
There’s a song within me
Like a wild endless storm
Falling to the earth and then reborn- ooh

Spider-strings in the leaves of the trees above me
Reaching up into the blue
Weightless clouds paint their shifting stories
Day-dream dancing just for you.- ooh

And the years go by and I am getting older
And I’m walking a road that ain’t so new
Who’ll surround me in the golden weather?
Am I alone or am I with you? – ooh