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South Island Tour Cancelled 

Hi Friends, 
Well it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to pull the plug on our upcoming tour down South. 
Planning tours takes a ridiculous amount of time and energy to organise- which I had done..... We were really looking forward to it, but alas- it was not to be-- at least not for now. 

My band and I have had a number of factors come into play as a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown and have finally admitted to ourselves that a tour right now is not going to work. 

We’ll reschedule again when times are a little more certain. 

In the meantime, I’m heading back to the studio to finish my second album and we’ll hit the rehearsals again once we’re allowed to grace each other with our presence again. 

Take care out there and keep your spirits high (and I don't just mean in glasses!). 

Colette Rivers 

Moon Gig- reflection 

Well, weren't we lucky?!

We got in and did our gig at Moon in Wellington JUST DAYS before the country was put into Level 4 Lockdown.

The gig was a really special one, with Ingrid Saker opening- just a woman and her electric guitar. I was surprised by the obvious blues influence that her guitar style had, but then add her voice and song-writing, and it sounds indie. 

We performed a 50 minute set from my album 'Memory Lake' and man, it really felt like it went by so fast, because I was loving every minute of it. The band sounded so tight. Kerrie and Hayden really went to the next level to hone the perfect tones and effects for each song. Jordan, as always, added such energy and kept us 'tight'. He and I have been playing together for about 3 years now (he also plays drums on my album... ), so it's easy. 
We had great feedback and a pretty full venue, which is always fantastic- especially when you play well!

I'd been panicking for days leading up to the gig as my throat has been buggered from a flu (no, not Covid- I got tested!), but thankfully, all was right on the night.

Scott Pilgrim followed us, with a wide selection of his original songs, performed by various people. I was amazed how many different styles he could weave into the framework of his creative outpouring. 

All & all, a fantastic night to have done before our small world became even smaller. 
I'm sitting here in my studio in Level 4 Lockdown, unsure what this Delta strain will do and how things will pan out for the tour we have planned in October down South.

Anyway, take care everyone. Keep enjoying the things that you love if you can- & be kind to each other.

Nga mihi,


Colette Rivers and Her Band at Moon, Newtown-WGN 

Hi friends.

Hitting the stage with this lot (me, Hayden, Kerrie & Jordan) on August 15th at Moon in Newtown, Wellington. 
Hope to see you there! 

Door from 6:00pm. 

Tickets $10 at the door or from Eventfinda. 
There is a limit of 100 tickets for this show. 
Note: a $5 surcharge applies to patrons failing to scan the Covid tracer code.

New Review -  

Memory Lake Tour 

The 'Memory Lake' was a fantastic whirlwind for me and the band. 

Things kicked off in Taupō at the museum, where we played in front of the beautiful marae. Opening for Colette Rivers was the duo, 'False Heights' who performed a selection of their own originals in the folk/pop ilk. Thanks to Ash and April for being so cool; making some new friends a town at a time! :) And thanks SO much to Bryan Tetley who arranged the whole thing, did publicity etc. He is a legend where the Taupō music scene would be pretty non-existent without him. 

The next day we drove up to Auckland and performed at 'The Wine Cellar,' which has always been a favourite spot of mine to go and discover cool indie music. So, it was a treat to get to play there myself! Opening for me/us was 'Ila' and her band, who played like pros! Her music is really catchy in the indie-pop style. Had a really nice crowd, and enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a reviewer there which can be read here:

Then, it was back down to Hamilton to perform at the 'Nivara Lounge.' It was a disappointing turn out here, but I think it is one of those things that we unsigned and somewhat unknown musos have to face sometimes. The opening act was a really special gift. Laurence and Sam Frangos-Rhodes, whom I had met at the Wellington Folk Festival, played a selection of originals and covers. They are such talented musicians and the harmonies- yusss! And they are only 19 and 16 years old!

From this point, the band left me and I carried on the tour up to the Coromandel Penninsula, which holds a really special place for me as I used to live in Thames. It has an amazing an somewhat intangible energy- stunning beaches and neat people. I played at the Kauaeranga Hall. Years ago I had seen 'The Eastern' play there and thought it was a really special place. And it was a joy to perform in! I pulled together 3 opening acts for this gig, starting with my friends' duo, 'Arthur Road', then 'Bielbie' (who came up from Wellington to perform) and then, my friend, Tyla and his bro in duo 'The Chunes'. They were all so, so good!
I played my album in full, using some pedals etc and my stomp-box. I think the sound was quite good.
All-in-all this was a really special night and one that stands out in the memory bank.

Next, I drove over the Coromandel ranges to Kuaotunu and the legendary 'Luke's Kitchen'.
I first discovered Luke's which at the time was a container with awning and outdoor pizza oven right on the Kuaotunu beach. I had played a gig with some local musos. Then, just recently (about a month back) I went on a road-trip with my school buddy, Abby, and I did a solo gig at Luke's. It was SUCH a pleasure to perform there, that I wanted to include it in my album launch tour. The place has changed a bit, but still has that special 'surf-shack' vibe. I played for 2 hours as the sun set, and I looked out at the ocean. DOES IT REALLY GET BETTER THAN THIS?

After this, I drove down to Napier (via Tauranga and Taupo) to perform the penultimate of the tour gigs. The band met me here, and - wow - 'The Paisley Stage' is a really cool venue! comfy couches, bookshelves, records on the ceiling.... and a really good sound guy! We performed well and enjoyed the responsive audience. Opening was a local band, the really quite quirky, dark, deathly americana 'The Spooky Skeletons'. I've loved being in the audience throughout the tour, getting to see such a range of talented groups. Quite a privilege! 

Finally, I drove home to the Wairarapa, and got to enjoy a couple of days off to do laundry and say hi to husband and animals before the FINAL gig at Meow in Wellington.
I love this venue- playing in front of a wall of books and the audience on different levels. V. cool.
For this gig, I decided to have 2 opening acts- Bill Hickman, who got up and rocked it solo, playing a set of originals. A great guitarist, singer and performer. After Bill was the 'Grawlixes' whom I met at the Wellington Folk Festival. Their dreamy indie (kinda shoe-gazey) folk was great.

It was fantastic to see some familiar faces at this gig- even my sis, brother-in-law, cousin, and buddy from high school were there. So, they made it a really special night. 

That was the tour!

I learnt SO much about the biz and mechanics of organising a tour, and I met some STUNNING musos, who have become friends. 

Thanks to those who played with me and everyone who offered their support along the way.
I am no island, so thanks.





Wow! I can’t believe it’s here-

my album, ‘Memory Lake’, is now out!

After postponing its release because of covid, I wasn’t sure how or when this was going to see the light of day. I’m so proud of this album which I wrote, recorded and produced in my Wairarapa home studio. A labour of passion, love, reflection, repetition, and liberation.

I REALLY hope you enjoy it! 

I write this from a bach in Taupō, having driven up yesterday to start the album launch tour.

Today is a big day!

Album out. Tour starts. 

Please help a sister out by sharing the album link on your pages!

Listen now!



Solo-Giggery & Photo-Shoots.  

Well,  I decided that it was about time I did a little tiki-tour to a few spots and play some solo gigs- stopping halfway in Taupo to do the photoshoot/artwork for my album, Memory Lake. 

What a ride that turned out to be!

I started in Wellington, playing at the Thistle Inn in Thorndon, Wellington- It was packed, hard to hear, but great! There were a few familiar faces from the Folk festival who came along to support, and in general it went really well. I have to say, the FOOD at the Thistle Inn is very delicious, so that capped the night off even more!

The next day I drove up to Taupo to play at the Storehouse. Before the gig, I stopped into 'Love Music' and picked up this little beauty (right)
It is a stunning reverb pedal hand-made in the States by a company called 'Hungry Robot'. 

Played the gig. Small turnout, but some familiar faces which was really nice! I also got the sound really nice, so quite happy with my set-up now! :)



I then took a couple days laying low in Taupo (sort-of). This takes me to the part about doing my album artwork....



I had this idea that I wanted to have me sitting on an old wicker chair in the lake with my face half-covered with a long trailing bit of red material... maybe with a guitar...?

I was staying with my friend, Abby Dance (the photographer), and borrowed her camera to go down to the lake and take some abstract pictures to go in the booklet, on which the lyrics will overlay. 

That sorted, Abby and I went down to the lake. I hadn't anticipated how rough the lake can get! Nor how freezing it was that day!!!

The things we do for 'art'.

Anyway, amongst the high waves, getting covered in sand, falling in several times, we got the shots.


After that, and some serious time in Photoshop and Lightroom, Abby and I hit the road for Thames and the Coromandel Penninsula. 

I played at Luke's Kitchen at Kuaotunu Beach on Sat the 5th. This place is about as close to paradise as you can get, I reckon. 
I've played here before a few years ago and used to drive across from Thames when I lived there- just because it's so amazing.

GREAT gig. 
I'm hoping I'll be able to work a way to play there again in January when the album release tour is on. 

Here are some pics.  xxxx


Gig at Moon! 

Come and see Colette Rivers and the Creeks play at Moon in Newtown for the last songwriter's gig of 2020. 

Sunday 15th November, 2020

Doors open at 6pm. $10 at the door. 
Robyn-Lyn Webber from 6:30pm 
Colette Rivers at 7:30 
Bill Lake from 8:30

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