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'Memory Lake' Official Video Release! 

The official video for my song, 'Memory Lake' is out NOW!

It took a lot to get it done- mostly because I kept going back and re-working the edits.

The actual video was shot in one day on the waterfront of Lake Taupō by my dear friend, Abby Dance.

Here's the link to the video

If you haven't already subscribed to my Youtube channel, please do as it helps me to more easily share my video bits and pieces with you!

Colette Rivers

Tag Your Folks 2022 

'Tag your Folks' is an awesome project created by Isla Norman (Isla Music) a couple of years ago for NZ Music Month (May). 
I met Isla in Auckland when she opened for me at the Wine Cellar for my album release tour (Memory Lake Tour).

Anyway, Isla asked me if I wanted to be one of the contributing musicians/ recording artists for this year's project and I said 'yes!'

It's a bit like 'secret santa' for musicians where the names of the musicians are put into a hat and then randomly pulled. I was assigned Steve Tofa, a Samoan-New Zealander with a deep voice like molasses, a penchant for writing songs that reflect real-life, and a unique and exciting style.
So, a woman on a mission, I listened to his new album Koko Stax on repeat till I landed on the song 'Underground'. I was really excited by the guitar style in this song, reminding me of Stephen Stills (of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young).

So I hit the studio and outpoured into Logic, eventually coming up with a very Colette Rivers version of Steve's 'Underground'. But the journey doesn't end there. I had to do a video.

A lot of people assume that musicians and particularly, 'frontmen' love attention in all ways. That the ceaseless social media 'content' offerings are done to satisfy a narcissistic nature. But it really can't be further from the truth for me. My passion is entirely music-driven and the 'socials' are simply a demand put on all music/ recording artists in order to survive. 
The landscape of recorded music has changed so dramatically over my lifetime. Anyway. I do it, but I cringe with a lot of it.

So, with shots from around my house and in my studio, and the split screen magic of Premier Pro, I made a 'performance video' that looks alright and is at least a vehicle for the music! 

So now I can sit back and enjoy the awesome daily releases of awesome people that make up this year's 'Tag Your Folks.'


Please go over to facebook to like and follow the page HERE so that you too can enjoy this wonderfully creative collaborative community of musicians!!

Colette Rivers

weekly songwriting prompt #9 'SIT LIKE GLASS' 

Hi Friends! Here is the 9th song in the weekly songwriting prompt that I'm doing. We were told to write a song the very moment you wake up – "make this be the absolute first thing you do". So the song is about still moments when I'm waking up in the morning, still clinging on to dreams.... 
I'm a terrible morning person, but it was nice to be productive instead of my usual staring at my coffee cup....
FYI- vox are a bit high in this mix.... remember- this is isn't a final mix +master! :)

Weekly Songwriting Prompt #8 'Tell Truths' 


This is the 8th song in a weekly songwriting promts challenge I'm doing. We have a week to write and perform a song and each week the prompt/ starter is different. 

This week we were asked to write a song incorporating an idiom. I have used quite a few!!! 

DISCLAIMER- I only get time to work on this over the weekend, so what you hear probably still (in my head at least) still has tweaks to improve upon etc. parts to add/ mix to adjust etc. It is not a mastered, released track. This is RAW! 

But I hope you like it!!! xxx 


Weekly Songwriting Prompt #7 'Run Away' 

Hi guys- well I'm happy to say that the fruits of the dice-rolling labour are now 'harvested'..... (for more info on what I'm talking about, scroll down in my feed to the video with the D8 die)- It was really hard! 

Here is song 7 in the weekly songwriting prompts challenge! 

It's called 'Run Away' and is about someone who is desperate to get out of the city and 'commune with nature'. :)


Weekly Songwriting Prompt #6 'Down Away' 

Hi folks- Well, it's Sunday- and that means another song from me- 

- the 6th that I've written/produced as part of a weekly songwriting prompts challenge. The prompt for this week was to write about somebody 'famous'. 

I wrote about someone who's band I adore, and has recently gone through a rough bit of heartache. 

A nice way to send love and grace across to them xxx 

South Island Tour Cancelled 

Hi Friends, 
Well it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to pull the plug on our upcoming tour down South. 
Planning tours takes a ridiculous amount of time and energy to organise- which I had done..... We were really looking forward to it, but alas- it was not to be-- at least not for now. 

My band and I have had a number of factors come into play as a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown and have finally admitted to ourselves that a tour right now is not going to work. 

We’ll reschedule again when times are a little more certain. 

In the meantime, I’m heading back to the studio to finish my second album and we’ll hit the rehearsals again once we’re allowed to grace each other with our presence again. 

Take care out there and keep your spirits high (and I don't just mean in glasses!). 

Colette Rivers 

Moon Gig- reflection 

Well, weren't we lucky?!

We got in and did our gig at Moon in Wellington JUST DAYS before the country was put into Level 4 Lockdown.

The gig was a really special one, with Ingrid Saker opening- just a woman and her electric guitar. I was surprised by the obvious blues influence that her guitar style had, but then add her voice and song-writing, and it sounds indie. 

We performed a 50 minute set from my album 'Memory Lake' and man, it really felt like it went by so fast, because I was loving every minute of it. The band sounded so tight. Kerrie and Hayden really went to the next level to hone the perfect tones and effects for each song. Jordan, as always, added such energy and kept us 'tight'. He and I have been playing together for about 3 years now (he also plays drums on my album... ), so it's easy. 
We had great feedback and a pretty full venue, which is always fantastic- especially when you play well!

I'd been panicking for days leading up to the gig as my throat has been buggered from a flu (no, not Covid- I got tested!), but thankfully, all was right on the night.

Scott Pilgrim followed us, with a wide selection of his original songs, performed by various people. I was amazed how many different styles he could weave into the framework of his creative outpouring. 

All & all, a fantastic night to have done before our small world became even smaller. 
I'm sitting here in my studio in Level 4 Lockdown, unsure what this Delta strain will do and how things will pan out for the tour we have planned in October down South.

Anyway, take care everyone. Keep enjoying the things that you love if you can- & be kind to each other.

Nga mihi,


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